Terabithia Designs Landscaping and Hardscaping in Seattle Washington.

Welcome to Terabithia Landscaping

We love our jobs!
Really, how cool is it to create a new garden? We get to take a space, break it down to the basics, and build a whole new outdoor environment for our clients to enjoy.

Speaking of which... We love our clients!
We love to meet new people and collaborate with them on a project from beginning to end. We get to know who they are, their likes and dislikes, and at the end of the day integrate their personality, aesthetic sensibility and functional needs into an amazing garden.

And while we're on the subject of gardens...
We love the fact that it is your garden—not ours. If every garden looked like ours it would be a boring world. We use our expertise, professionalism and knowledge to help you create a garden which reflects who you are and what you dream your garden to be.

So, whether it's a full design and installation, seasonal maintenance, a consultation or a "Day of Beauty" to tame your unruly yard—we never forget it is your garden. We hope that every Terabithia project, regardless of scope or size, inspires you spend more time enjoying your garden, rather than dreading it!

Matt and Jana
Terabithia LLC