About Us

Jana and Matt began their first foray into the world of landscape design shortly after the purchase of their first home. Unlike many new home owners, they didn't want to focus on fixing up the inside; rather they went straight to the outside. Armed with shovels and some "How To" books, they attacked the yard. One French drain, retaining walls, a raised veggie bed, patio and a fence later, they realized they not only enjoyed this, they were good at it.

After vast amounts of schooling, studying, seminars and shoveling... Terabithia was born.

Jana L. Hill
As a self proclaimed plant geek, Jana is truly happy when there's a bit of dirt under her fingernails.

Matthew Mulkerin
Designer/Installation manager
Matt truly loves the deconstruction/construction process. A good chainsaw and a back hoe are all he needs for a happy day.

About Gus
Gus is our landscaping dog. He specializes in rolling in mulch and finding smelly things. Although he may be caught napping at times, he can be counted on to keep gardens safe from squirrels and aliens.