We consult. We dream. We design. We build.
Our goal is to create a garden that reflects your personality, while also addressing all the functional needs of the space. We view the garden as an extension of your home, a place in which to relax, explore and enjoy the moments.

As plants grow and lifestyles change, sometimes the once perfect garden seems not quite right. With garden renovations we assess your current situation —What is working? What isn't? - And then come up with creative solutions and a plan to update your garden within your budget.

From new spring plantings through fall clean ups and winterizing, Terabithia is available to address your specific needs to help your garden thrive in each season.

Do you have no idea what to do with your garden? Or do you haves tons of ideas, but aren't sure which is best or even how to begin?

In either case, Terabithia is available for garden consultations. We love to visit gardens, and enjoy helping people create a beautiful space. Consultations include a site assessment of hardscaping and plantings, maintenance tips and garden care, and lots of ideas and brainstorming about how to create your ideal garden. Consultations are perfect for new home owners, "do-it-yourselfers" and dreamers.

Add drama, color and texture to your home with our customized containers. These little landscapes in a pot are created to reflect your personal taste, and enhance your home's aesthetics. Terabithia is available for design and installation, as well as seasonal refreshment of your containers.

Gardening can be one of the most relaxing and rewarding experiences...yet it can also be intimidating. If you want to play in the dirt, but are hesitant to pick up a shovel or prune a tree for fear of killing it, we offer garden coaching. These casual, one-on-one sessions take place at your home and will be designed to fit your skill set and gardening goals.

Can you not see out of the window because of big, unruly overgrown shrubs? Are you weeds taller than your perennials? Do you want to host a big BBQ party, but realize your grill is being eaten by morning glory?

We understand how quickly a garden can go from tame to wild kingdom right before your eyes. But don't fret; treat your garden to a "Day of Beauty". Terabithia specializes in a quick and efficient restoration of order in your yard. We tame it, so you can do the fun stuff. Consider it a giant facial for your yard including:

And then we haul away all the yard waste, so it seems like it never happened.

Additional gardening services available upon request. Contact us.